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Developer Crash Course

Learn the *NEW* and fast way to build a Shopify App using the latest Shopify App CLI with Theme Extensions using React + Tailwind CSS + App Proxy.

Current Students

Gregory Johnston
This course is packed with great insight and knowledge that any Shopify App developer would benefit from. The ability to inject react and tailwind into your theme's opens so many doors. Following along with this course gave me the tools to develop a vital feature for our site, and has opened the gates for possible next steps. Iskandar is incredibly kind and helpful, and was very quick to respond to my questions even before I had purchased the course itself to ensure it was the right fit. 10/10
Zero to Launch

Enough to be dangerous

This course is meant to be a practical guide to building a Shopify App using powerful developer tools.

3 Steps to Launch:

Faster. Better Dev Experience.

The chosen technologies make it possible to build a Shopify app faster and with a better developer experience for you and the customers.

Optimized for Speed

You hate spending months building a product and so do we. So we optimized the course to get you started as fast as possible.

Feature 01

Developer Experience

What's the point of building something if you're not enjoying doing it?

Feature 02

Latest Technology

Make the best app possible with the latest tech.

Feature 03

Build a Custom Contact App

By the end of this course you will have a full stack app that you can modify to build your own custom Shopify App. Learn all the tools you need to build out your idea.

Feature 04
The Technology

What will we be using?

Using the latest tech will allow you to build quickly and make the best user experience possible.

Why Take This Course?

I have taught over 10,000 developers how to build for Shopify. From Custom Themes, Headless Storefronts using Next.js, to Apps using Node.js, React, and GraphQL.

This will be the most impactful course yet.

What makes this course different:

Optimized Content Delivery

I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of feedback from students and have incrementally improved on the best way to deliver content and create more impactful courses.

Learn the Latest Tech

As earlier mentioned, this course focuses on cutting edge tech to give you speed and superpowers.

Future Self-Sufficiency

Learn where to find resources to never get stuck on your journey and how to push your projects to launch.

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You will get early access to the full video course and supporting materials in August 2023. Order is fully refundable for up-to 30 days after the release.


Previous Course Reviews

Philip Beauford
I've tried many courses and instructors but Iskandar and his team have a smooth clear style that is easy to follow, leads you in the right direction and there are no issues with project deployment. Highly recommend!
Release Date: August 2023

End the year strong with a published Shopify App.

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