Build the Future: Modern eCommerce with Shopify + Next.js + Tailwind

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Project-based course
you'll actually want to finish.


Build + Deploy your first Headless Shopify Storefront with Next.js + Tailwind in as little as a day.

Start building with the latest technologies used by the top brands, designers, and developers today!

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Create over $50,000 in value for yourself or your clients!

"Let’s start with one of the most important factors: cost. The pricing for an enterprise headless project could cost anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000, plus annual maintenance costs, depending on the functionality, supporting tools, and level of customization." - Shopify

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Build Blazing Fast Websites FAST!

Forget about spending months on your project! With this tech-stack, you can start building out your projects in a matter of hours! Oh yeah, and it's incredible fast and responsive too.

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A Tech-Stack that allows for Effortless Coding and Prototyping.

Learn cutting edge technologies and how to write clean, efficient code.

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What the Makers
are saying

Vincent Niehues
"I'm really happy that I bought your course! It just made working with GraphQL and Shopify click for me! I also follow some other courses and yours was the first that made me understand absolutely everything."
Dustin Lato
"Excellent course and the instructor is great. Maintains a pretty fast pace through the project which keeps things moving (unlike other courses that tend to be mundane and drawn out). Extremely detailed which is great for someone who isn't very familiar with the technologies being used or at least this combination of technologies."
"The overall course was amazing and clear. It is what I needed to level me up from my React bootcamp. Not only that, from a use case perspective, in real life, it is true to form what you will be dealing with as a web dev doing Jamstack. This is what businesses do now a days with their web properties especially with Next JS and shopify. The stack is relevant."
Daniel Malmgren de Oliveira
"If you are looking to learn a modern e-commerce stack, I would highly recommend this course. Short, succinct, and to the point. No fluff whatsoever. One of the best investments I have made. And the support from the team is absolutely amazing."
Philip Beauford
"I've tried many courses and instructors but Iskandar and his team have a smooth clear style that is easy to follow, leads you in the right direction and there are no issues with project deployment. Highly recommend!"


Start building like the Pros.

Get a quick start with the latest tech stack that is in demand with the top brands and largest technology companies today.



We take advantage of the Shopify Storefront API (GraphQL) to get a robust, lightning fast checkout system out of the box. No extra set up needed.


Next.js is the React framework of choice for some of the largest companies in the world. It allows of effortless hybrid and server side rendering on the fly. The result is insanely fast page load times.
Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS allows us to build modern websites without ever needing to touch our CSS file. It is a utility-first CSS framework used by some of the top designers and developers in the industry.


By leveraging the GraphQL query language, we are able to fully leverage the Shopify Storefront API and build with read speed. By using the GraphQL explorer, we can see exactly what data we will be working with.


Shipping production level projects to Vercel is as easy as a push of a button. You will learn how to efficiently configure Vercel for quick deployments

Let's talk about Learning

There are many ways to learn, some are better than others.

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Self-Paced Lectures

You have a busy life, we undestand that and believe in learning asynchronous. Easily access the course anytime you want to learn.

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Jam-Packed with Content

Next.js, GraphQL, Shopify Storefront API, Tailwind CSS, Vercel, React Hooks and so much more!

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Action Based

This course is designed to get your started in as little time as possible. There are no Uhhs or Hmms. All straight to the point.

Topics Covered

September 2022 Bonus: Tailwind CSS Bundle

Bundle with 9 new Tailwind CSS pre-built sections.

September 2022 Update: Storefront API updated

Updated the course content to the most recent Storefront GraphQL API version.

March 2022 Update: Intro to Shopify Hydrogen

Bonus lectures covering Shopify’s new Hydrogen Framework.

Feb 2022 Update: SWR for Next.js

Using SWR for automatically updating content on SSG (Static Site Generation) websites.

Next.js for Ecommerce

Setting up a Next.js project, overview of the file structure. getStaticPaths and getStaticProps functions that will allow us to build insanely fast pages.

Shopify Storefront API (GraphQL)

How to create queries and mutations of the Shopify Storefront API using the GraphiQL explorer. Implementing static pages with GraphQL to improve load times.

GraphQL Queries

A quick overview of the GraphQL querying language, just enough to be dangerous and start building out production level code.

React Context

Utilizing the React Context API to create a responsive and dynamic Mini-Cart and handle all of the data flowing through the application.

Custom Product Pages

How to use the Shopify product options and variants query to create a unique user experience.

Tailwind CSS

How to learn Tailwind CSS the quickest way possible and be able to make changes on the fly.

React Hooks

How to utilize the latest React tools to quickly prototype and create scalable components.


How to instantly deploy your website to Vercel including test branches.

Future updates will include:


Triggering webhooks for product updates, site changes, etc.

Additional Sections

Ecommerce ready sections for Next.js using Tailwind CSS (currently 5 are included with the course assets)

And much more!

This course will be updated as new updates come up!

Includes bonus content!

If you're not satisfied within the first 30 days, we'll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

Lifetime Access

Learn the latest technologies to start building production ready Shopify storefronts. Get updates as soon as they are released.

What's included

  • High Quality Video Lectures

  • Priority Support and Project Planning

  • Premium Pre-Built Tailwind Sections

  • Access to Full Repo

  • Production-Ready Portfolio Project

  • Free Updates



Premium Tailwind CSS Sections Bundle for FREE!

Get 9 high quality Tailwind CSS sections to use on your own website.

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Bundle extended for limited time!









What we will be building

Having a snappy website is becoming increasingly important for eCommerce stores. In this course we use all the latest technologies to bring a modern shopping experience to the customer. This is done through the use of Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and the Shopify Storefront API. It is easy to see the difference between what we will be building when compared to an older eCommerce store.

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